Read classics with Kindle Unlimited

This information is current as of June 17, 2022.

So basically, what is Kindle Unlimited?

What is Kindle Unlimited?
It’s a paid Amazon subscription service that lets you borrow ebooks.

Do I need to buy a Kindle to be a Kindle Unlimited subscriber?
Nope. You can use your Kindle, buy a Kindle, or use the Kindle app on a device such as a smartphone.

How much does the Kindle Unlimited subscription cost?
In the US, it’s $9.99/month.

How many books can I borrow as a Kindle Unlimited subscriber?
You can simultaneously avail yourself of up to 20 books and 3 magazine subscriptions.

Does Kindle Unlimited include free audiobooks?
Yes, “thousands” of them. For even more audiobooks, get an Audible subscription.

Is the Kindle Unlimited catalog any good?

It has “over 2 million” books, plus a bunch of magazines.

Sure, there’s lots of stuff you’re not going to care about, but there’s a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction available, including popular series like Harry Potter, popular authors like Dean Koontz, comics like Calvin and Hobbes, award-winning literary fiction like Life of Pi, and modern classics like 1984. Plus, you can read any of about 500 AmazonClassics (usual price, $0 to $6 each).

Kindle Unlimited includes the following titles featured on this site:

AmazonClassics Anna Karenina (Best translation of Anna Karenina?)

AmazonClassics Crime and Punishment (Best translation of Crime and Punishment?)

AmazonClassics Don Quixote (Best translation of Don Quixote?)

AmazonClassics Madame Bovary (Best translation of Madame Bovary?)

AmazonClassics The Brothers Karamazov (Best translation of Brothers Karamazov?)

AmazonClassics The Count of Monte Cristo (Best translation of Count of Monte Cristo?)

AmazonClassics The Idiot (Best translation of The Idiot?)

AmazonClassics The Three Musketeers (Best translation of The Three Musketeers?)

AmazonClassics War and Peace (Best translation of War and Peace?)

Solaris (Best translation of Solaris?)

Is there a free trial of Kindle Unlimited?

Yep! You can get a month for free!

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