Consider buying a Kindle

Kindles are great

I have a 7th generation Kindle from 2015. It’s still pretty useful, but today’s models—even the cheapest ones—are way better than mine!

Interact with the text

  • Non-destructively highlight passages and make notes in the books you read on a Kindle.
  • Search for words and phrases in the book you’re reading on a Kindle.
  • By touching a word on the Kindle screen, look it up a dictionary, or even Wikipedia.

Make words more visible

  • Adjust the font, font size, margins, and line spacing of text on a Kindle.
  • Use the built-in light source.

Carry books conveniently

  • Avoid damaging your special paperbacks and hardcovers by carrying a Kindle around instead.
  • Store thousands of books in one compact device so you’ll never wish you’d brought the next book with you.
  • Carry a Kindle instead of books to reduce the size and weight of your reading material.

Get content from many sources

  • Buy new books on a Kindle without needing to physically locate them in a bookstore, which might be far away or lack the book you want to read.
  • Use a Kindle to read digital documents such as PDFs and Word Docs.
  • Use a Kindle to read public domain and other free ebooks from sources such as and

Take advantage of multisensory reading

  • Use a Kindle to generate an audiobook from any ebook.
  • Enjoy professionally produced audiobooks.
  • Bounce between reading an ebook and listening to the corresponding audiobook.

Keep your smartphone in your pocket

  • Protect your eyes by reading on an e-ink screen rather than your phone screen.
  • Avoid draining your phone battery while reading by reading ebooks on a Kindle.
  • Read books on the Kindle’s e-ink screen outside on a sunny day at the beach.

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